Athens in September: Temperatures are warm and pleasant, averaging 74°F/24°C. September is the best time to visit ... lots of sunshine and very little rain. Evenings may be a little cool so it's best to have a light sweater or jacket.

Mykonos: Enjoys a moderate climate year round. The average temperature in late September / early October is 73°F/23°C.


Euro. No other money is accepted. You can exchange your money in banks, money exchangers, or at the airport. ATMs can be found almost anywhere.

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Entry Requirements

passportsU.S. citizens may enter Greece for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay and have at least one blank page for entry stamp.

Note: We suggest packing additional photocopies of the photo and personal information pages of your passport and keeping them in a separate location from where you keep your passport or other documents.

Medical Information:

Good medical care is available. U.S. medical insurance is not always valid outside the United States; however, please check with your own insurance company to confirm whether your policy applies overseas and provides adequate coverage. If you need a doctor, your hotel can recommend one, or you can contact your embassy or consulate.


plugPower supply: 220-240 Volts. If taking laptops, camera chargers, and other electrical equipment to Greece, check the electrical specs label on your equipment. If the appliance can use 220-240V power, the label will say something like “Input: 100-240V”. This means that the appliance will work in both the US (which takes 110V) and Greece and most other countries, which use 220-240V.

If your appliance doesn't show compatibility with 240V, then you'll need to buy a voltage converter. Electrical sockets in Greece are one of two European standard electrical socket types: the "Type C" Europlug, and the "Type E" and "Type F" Schuko sockets. If your appliance's plug doesn't match the shape of these sockets, you will need a travel plug adapter.

Time Zone:

Greece is on EET (Eastern European Time Zone), 7 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time. Note: Greece utilizes European Summer Time (like Daylight Savings Time in the USA, 1 hour ahead of Standard Time) which ends on the last Sunday in October at 4 AM.